2011 Yachting NSW Youth Championships

Held at Illawara Yacht Club, over the long weekend, these were there results;

Sabot 1-Up
1 7004 Slippery Little Sucker Matthew Lang (GSC)
2 1565 Firebolt Dana Tavener (DJSC)
3 7021 Luigi Louis Collins (VA12SC)
4 7018 MacAttack Sophie McIntosh (GSC)
5 1571 Miss Caramel Latte Catherine Pagett (DJSC)
6 7051 Predator Finn Gilbert (HHSC)
7 7017 Need for Speed Jordan Makin (GSC)
8 7048 Rough ‘n’ Ready Samantha Gray (DJSC)
9 7080 Eat My Bubbles Lily Peel (DJSC)
10 7044 Vendetta Elliott Collins (DJSC)
11 7049 Hornet Tom Stivano (TASC)
12 1601 Seas the Day Eric Sparkes (DJSC)
13 7091 Raging bull ant Jed Fatches (WWSC)
14 7008 takeaim Noah Sunderland (DJSC)
15 7028 Tomcat Thomas Barrington (VA12SC)
16 1375 Little Demon Sang Jin Goodridge (HHSC)
17 2480 Why Knot Emily Summerell (SLMASC)

Sabot 2-Up
1 1545 Mercurial Shifts Jessica Tavener & Eve Peel (DJSC)

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2011 OAMPS Insurance Brokers Queensland Youth Week

Queensland Youth Week is proudly hosted by Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron with support from both Yachting Queensland, Yachting Australia and of course OAMPS Insurance Brokers.

The event is on between July 2- 5, 2011.

This year 6 sailors from Southern NSW were sailing in the regatta;

4th Finn Gilbert – Predator (HHSC)
6th Dana Tavener – Firebolt (DJSC)
8th Louis Collins – Luigi (VA12SC)
10th Catherine Pagett – Miss Caramel Latte (DJSC)
12th Lily Peel – Eat my Bubbles (LC12SSC)
13th Samantha Gray – Rough’n’Ready (DJSC)

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2010 – 2011 Gill Sabot Zones Results :)

Overall Scratch | Overall Handicap

Sabot 1-Up
1st How Sweet It Is… (DJSC) Caitlin Tames
2nd Miss Caramel Latte (DJSC) Catherine Pagett
3rd Fast ‘n’ Furious (HHSC) Ben Field
4th Firebolt (DJSC) Dana Tavener
5th Just Add Water (DAC) Jamie Swavly
6th Rough ‘n’ Ready (DJSC) Samantha Gray

Sabot 2-Up
1st Back In Action (DJSC) Adele Phillips and Tahlia Phillips
2nd Little Demon (HHSC) Sang Jin Goodridge and Sam Davis
3rd Babe (LC12SSC) Gael Glassock and Thomas Larkings