Learn To Sail

The Sabot is an excellent dinghy for all kids to learn to sail and continue on to the highest level of racing. Many sailing clubs offer learn to Sail programs  in Sabots. Many kids that have learnt to sail in a Sabot have gone on to become Olympic Champions. Mark Turnbull 2000 Sydney Olympic medalist quotes “80% of what I learnt in in sailing was in a Sabot”.

The Sabot is an ideal training boat typically with kids starting as early as 6/7 years old as a crew with an older skipper sailing 2 Up in the Sabot. This is social and develops important team work skills and importantly younger kids have a companion to share their experiences. In the early days it is proven that sailing 2 up has the best results for learning to sail.

When kids reach 12 years old (or earlier) they graduate to sailing 1 up in the Sabot. 12 year olds and older can also start to learn to sail as well as a 1 up. It’s never to late to start sailing. The Sabot is a satisfying boat for older kids as it can be sailed fast and it does teach kids excellent boat handling skills. For kids wanting to sail competitively regattas are held at regional, state and national levels.

The Sabot provides an excellent pathway for children to progress through to Flying 11’s, Lasers, 420’s, 29er’s and beyond. Many lifelong friendships have been made in the “Sabot Sailing years” for both kids and parents.

Please contact your nearest Sailing Club for more information on Kids Learn to Sail Programs.

Sabot Learn to Sail Clubs

Lane Cove 12′ Sailing Skiff Club



Drummoyne Sailing Club



Vaucluse Amateur 12′ Sailing Club



Narrabeen Lakes Sailing Club



Toronto Amateur Sailing Club – Lake Macquarie



Wangi RSL Amateur Sailing Club