Smoke Free Policy

1.0 Introduction
1.1 The smoke-free Environment Act 2000 now requires most enclosed public places in NSW to be smoke-free. This included all enclosed areas of sporting organisations, clubrooms and exercise areas

1.2 The NSWSSA acknowledges that smoking is the largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in Australia.

1.3 For the benefit of all club members and volunteers, the NSWSSA feels it has an obligation to the sailing community to make them aware of the damaging effects of smoking and let them know that we do not condone smoking as it is not a behaviour that will benefit the health or fitness of an athlete or community member.

2.0 Aims of the Policy
2.1 The NSWSSA wishes to implement and publicise its smoke-free policy to the sailing community to highlight that we do not encourage smoking or unhealthy behaviours.

2.2 The NSWSSA will do this through general promotion and promotional material:

2.2.1 Through the Association newsletter
2.2.2 Website
2.2.3 Telephone conversation
2.2.4 Meetings

2.3 We will encourage affiliated clubs to adopt a similar smoke-free.

3.0 Smoke-Free Policy
3.1 All indoor organisation areas are now smoke-free.

3.2 To protect the health and sporting performance of our organisation members the following outdoor areas are also designated smoke-free. (List here. Eg, outdoor coaching meetings, registration areas, near junior sailors)

3.3 Smoking will not be permitted by persons under the age of 18 years at any NSWSSA activity, program or regatta. People will be well informed of this fact.

3.4 Smoking will not be permitted by NSWSSA coaches, especially in the presence of juniors.

3.5 Smoking will not be permitted by volunteers of the NSWSSA.

3.6 Cigarettes will not be promoted or advertised in any way by the NSWSSA.

3.7 Breaches of this policy by individuals will result firstly in a warning. Repeated offences will result in the individual being asked to remove themselves from the facility.

4.0 Policy Review and Approval
4.1 This policy will take effect immediately on 1st August 2001

4.2 The NSWSSA will review the policy annually.

4.3 The next review will be conducted in June 2002.