Child Protection

The Southern NSW Sabot Sailing Association (SNSWSSA) is a volunteer association fostering the participation and development of junior sailing in Sabot Sailing dinghies.  The association organises events primarily for children, such as sailing coaching and regattas, which ordinarily involve contact with children in open or public areas in the presence of more than one adult, including parents or close relatives of children involved in the events.

The association’s child protection policy sets out that:

    • Any person over 18 years of age who performs coaching duties at events run by the SNSWSSA is required to have a valid WWC check at the time of the coaching.
    • Any person over 18 years who is in attendance of an overnight camp/event must have a valid WWC, including parents/carers of children staying at the overnight event.

Below are a number of links to promote awareness of the valuable resources and information on the importance of child protection: