Child Protection Policy

The Southern NSW Sabot Sailing Association (SNSWSSA) is a volunteer association fostering the participation and development of junior sailing in Sabot Sailing dinghies. We take very seriously our responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment for all members, but most importantly Children (under 18 years), and we comply fully with all relevant legislation.

The Child Protection (Working with Children) Regulation 2013 does not permit certain persons to work with children, and requires persons engaged in child-related work, paid or unpaid, to have a working with children check clearance. Ensuring that those persons have obtained the working with children check clearance is our legal obligation.

Working with Children is defined as working face-to-face with children in a children’s sector, which includes the SNSWSSA by virtue of the training, coaching and racing programmes that we offer. The SNSWSSA management committee has determined that the requirements of the 2013 Regulation will be implemented.

The processes for obtaining a working with children check clearance for those requiring are online and can be found here at

The SNSWSSA committee has determined that all persons over the age of 18 who are training, coaching or working face-to-face with Children, both paid and unpaid will be required to complete and provide the working with children check clearance. Prior to anyone in the SNSWSSA engaging (on a paid or voluntary basis) any person that requires a working with children check clearance, the person engaging must confirm that a valid working with children check has been issued. The record of each clearance will be maintained by the Secretary in accordance with the legislation.

There are some exemptions to requiring the working with children check clearance. These include where there is minimal direct or unsupervised contact and where the volunteer is a parent or close relative and their child usually participates in the program or activity. Most parents and SNSWSSA committee members (whose children are Sabot association members) assisting on a voluntary basis will not require the working with children check clearance in relation to activities such as coaching, race organisation, canteen duty, rescue boat duty, assisting on the boat ramp and other activities in the areas or sailing areas.

To apply for the working with children check clearance the following steps must be followed:

Fill in an online application form at

• When you have completed the application form, you will receive an Application number (APP) by email.

• Take this Application number and proof of your identity to a NSW motor registry or NSW Government Access Centre. If you are in paid work, you will also need to pay a fee of $80.

• Your Application number can be used by an employer to verify your Check status. If the outcome of the verification is ‘application in progress’ you are allowed to begin working with children.

Once your application has been processed and you are cleared, you will receive your Working With Children Check number (WWC) by email (or post if you do not have an email address).

If you are uncertain as to whether the working with children check clearance is required please contact the SNSWSA President, Secretary or Child Protection Officer.

For more information please see the following information sheets:

Working with Children Brochure

How to apply

Exemptions Fact Sheet




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