Sabots are a one sail dinghy designed as a begginer class. It can take two children under the age of twelve or one child between twelve to sixteen years old. They are sailed at over thirty clubs across the east coast of Australia for the past fifty years.

They are a great boat to Learn to Sail in, due to there simplicity and strong assocation classes. Furthermore when the sailor devlops there is competion at regattas which provides pathways for lifelong friendships.

Sabots give sailors the skills to continue to sail in Lasers, Flying 11’s, Cherubs, 29ers and many more classes.

About the Southern NSW Sabot Sailing Association (SNSWSSA)

The Southern New South Wales Sabot Sailing Assocation (SNSWSSA), is a volenteer run committee who organsise regattas and training for intermediate sabot sailors.

The training further enhances the sailors knowelege. Training is offered throughout the year to the level of copetency ranging from intermediate sailors all the way to advanced sailors.

While there are various regattas throughout the year, that the committee organsise. These include;

  • Sabot Sprints
  • Sabot Zones
  • Sabot States
  • Sabot State Sprints

Then over christmas and new year, there is a national championship. run in conjuction with sabot week. The zones across the east coast, take it in turns to hold this regatta. SNSW hosted the 2007 Sabot Nationals & Sabot Week in Vaucluse.

Sabot Week is an open regatta open to all sailors. It is mainly designed for intermediate sailors who are not super competitive, but rather do a regatta for fun. While the National Championships, is a represented regatta. Meaning that each zone chose their sailors to compete there – this is done at the states.

Of course all of these events dont happen over night. A lot of hard work goes into organising training and regattas by the committee – who are all volenteers who all have the same objective – to promote sabot sailing.

If you would to attend an assocation meeting, check out the calendar to see where and when the next one is on.